Under the requirement of College of Massage Therapy of BC (CMTBC) all clinics must develop a plan specific to each clinic before resuming practice, with the goal of reducing the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. The safety of our patients and staffs is top priority at Sense Massage, by following the guidelines mentioned below we can delivery our treatments with reduced risk for everyone. Thank you for your trust and cooperation during these challenging times, we are in this together.

While Sense Massage has taken all possible measures to minimize the risk of viral transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room and the chance of infection is never at 0%. Please be sure the therapeutic benefit of massage therapy outweighs any potential consequences of treatment, including the possibility of viral transmission, before booking your appointment.

Mandatory Safety Protocols

  • Staff, RMT and patients must maintain 2 metres / 6 feet of distance in clinic areas other than the treatment room as best as possible.
  • Patient must arrive unaccompanied unless the patient is a minor who requires parent/guardian, or infirm and needs assistance. 
  • Patient is required to wait outside (in their car, or an area suggested by RMT or clinic staff) and not in reception – call or text when it’s time to enter.
  • Therapist will open and close the main entry door and treatment room door for patients.
  • Patient must wash hands upon entry with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, followed by thorough drying – must be done upon arrival into and departure from the clinic.
  • RMT and patient avoid and minimize face touching.
  • RMT must have paper/disposable (surgical) masks available for patient’s use if requested, and for RMT’s use if patient requests it.
  • Wash hands with soap and water prior to putting on a mask, prior to taking off a mask, and after disposing of a mask in the garbage.
  • Removal of hot towels and heating pads during this time for preventative measures.
  • At this time, Sense Massage only accepts credit cards, debit cards, or e-transfer for payment. Cash is not accepted. 

New Treatment Protocols 


  • Patient will be called one day prior to treatment and asked about “COVID-19 self assessment tool”. Treatment can commence the next day if the patient passes the screening assessments. No late cancellation fee will occur if a patient does not pass the assessment. 
  • Informed consent is mandatory, this includes ensuring that your patient understands that while you’ve taken measures to minimize risk of viral transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room. 
  • Explain both the risks and the potential benefits of treatment, and to make decisions in your patient’s best interests.
  • Patients at greater risk: take additional precautions, discuss alternatives for care, postpone treatment – explore options. RMTs may provide massage therapy when the patient and therapist agree that the benefits of care delivery outweigh the risk to the patient. 


  • Upon arrival, the RMT and patient should go over “COVID-19 self-assessment tool” again in the waiting area – confirm safety and trust before commencing treatment.
  • The RMT should cancel treatment if the patient doesn’t meet the screening criteria on physical presentation at the practice environment. Patients are required to cancel appointment if they experience what they determine to be “seasonal allergies”, “just the sniffles”, or “just feeling under the weather” on the day of their appointment. No cancellation fee will occur if a patient does not pass the screening test or is feeling unwell. 
  • Patients have the right and power to make their own decisions on what they need to feel safe in order to receive treatment.
  • Patients at greater risk: if pre-screen and screening upon arrival results indicate “go ahead”, assess and discuss necessary precautions with RMT to ensure patient and therapist safety 

The RMT should be prepared to share “COVID-19 self assessment tool” results about themselves, as well.

What Sense Massage is doing to reduce the risk of COVID-19

While Sense Massage has been following all safety and sanitary requirements by the Vancouver Coastal Health since 2017 we would like to ensure our clients that Sense Massage takes health and safety matters seriously. Below is an updated list in response to COVID-19. 

  • RMT must require ongoing self assessment for signs of COVID-19 related illness.
  • Reducing all physical, non-treatment related interactions amongst all people within the clinical environment.
  • RMT must wash hands using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds each time before and after each treatment in the treatment room. 
  • RMT makes use of a hand towel or tissue to touch or scratch face, or to sneeze into.
  • RMT makes use of a hand towel or tissue to handle door knobs. 
  • RMT must wear masks during treatment and at all times if possible.
  • Clean visibly soiled surfaces followed by disinfection.
  • Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces in between patients, regardless of appearance.
  • Linens (including blankets) must be single use only, then laundered in hot soapy water.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect common areas and high touch surfaces, at least twice a day.
  • Sanitize the treatment table and table adjustment levers after each treatment.
  • Cease use of thermophores and warm towels.

These are just some of the steps taken to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is kept to a minimal, Sense Massage will continuously update the sanitary protocols to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.